IT in the finance sector: time for efficiency

IT in the finance sector: time for efficiency


On 18 May 2017 infor-media Russia will run the 3rd industry-specific conference «IT in the finance sector: what IT innovations will lead to maximal results in business?».
In the current economic and political situation banks and financial organizations actually become private IT companies. In the contest of stiff competition, the battle for customers becomes a battle for quality in which the only reliable and proven tools are IT tools.
IR leaders will gather together to discuss the situation in the industry in view of IT issues: regulatory authorities’ developments, market trends and behaviour, the need for innovations and security upgrade – in order to find points of growth for their business.
Main topics:
- The strategy of IT development in financial sector. What innovations are needed to be successful today and tomorrow?
- What can increase the quality of service and business transparency in the context of IT budget reductions and new regulatory policies
- Bound by the new chain. Prospective of Blockchain development in the Russian financial sector
- Open question. Open Sourse platforms in banking sector. Apparent advantages, hidden pitfalls and IT-preparedness of the sector to the new conditions.
- With the aided eye: how to create the system of monitoring of economic efficiency from technology implementation?
- Light at the end of the tunnel: Can we close the gap between business and IT?
- Arms race: How to equip electronic channels in order to attract clients?
- Business security: How to protect banks and clients in the modern digital world?

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