Trinity Events
Trinity Events

Trinity Events is a Russian-British group, the largest organizer of business forums in Russia. At present the group includes four companies: infor-media Russia, Adam Smith Conferences, BBCG and Exposystems. Trinity Events Group was founded in 2000.

Trinity Events holds over 60 events annually. We work at markets with the high growth potential and we proactively manage our conference portfolio. Our strategic goal is to organize the best business forums and have the upper hand in each of the strategic sectors: retail, auromotive, private banking, medicine, pharmaceuticals, metals, oil and gas, project management, corporate procurement, intellectual property, international tax planning, professional mobile and wireless communication, call center management, etc.

Such events as Russian CFO Summit, Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, Retail Business Russia, Intellectual Property Forum, Call Center World Forum - have been rightfully considered the major events in their respective sectors for over 15 years.

From the moment of its establishment Trinity Events Group has been focusing on the development of business forums in Russia and CIS. "Our group of companies in an example of an open democratic business and in the eyes of international companies we promote Russia as the country where one can work without worries", says Constantine Bridgeman, CEO of Trinity Events.

We are in a continual search for the new ways of development and diversification of our business. Outside CIS, Trinity Events successfully performs in Central and Eastern Europe and also develops emerging markets of Mexico and the Middle East.