Group Ethos and Values

Here’s a story…



Nastia, a 24 year old graduate of one of Rostov’s leading technical institutes, came to Moscow to fulfil her dreams. She represents the new  generation who is inquisitive, hungry, ambitious, able, open to new challenges and who endeavours, strives and won’t sit still until she has achieved her goal.


Nastia has already travelled widely around the world, she is familiar with the thoughts, fears and aspirations of her peers across the globe. Many of her friends do or have lived abroad. She is very active on social media, understands Russia’s position in the world and how the world views Russia.

She is at the core of the consumer boom around which Trinity bases its products and services. But she is not only an economic force of change; she is a socio-political one too. She is part of a tribe-a tribe of cosmopolitan, urban, professional, middle class, liberal, tolerant, open, risk takers that demand people ask more questions about who they are, how they act and what they want to be.



What Trinity aims to give to Nastia and her highly educated and ambitious friends is an environment where she has the opportunity to use her creativity, drive, sense of fair play, openness, love of Russia and interest in the rest of the world.

studentsIn order to challenge the status quo we aim to be risk takers. Open, democratic, honest, driven by market forces and customer requirements; eschewing “administrative resources” and embracing our own “creative forces” we operate in the less certain “knowledge economy” where our empathy with our customers and the quality that we deliver to our customers is our main driver and measure of success. It is a tough route. Sometimes we turn down business that does not meet our values. But always we are able to be true to ourselves. Our financial success and sense of achievement (beyond putting bread on the table) flow from that.
Our commitment to and belief in the Russian market and its potential is evident through the quality of the relationships we have with our customers, suppliers, staff and local community. Russia demands a great deal from investors looking to participate. But we believe the returns, both material and other, remain commensurate with the level of commitment required to understand it and be successful. The market has changed a great deal in the last 20 years. The next 20 will offer just as many challenges and just as many rewards.